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Jungle Safari

While the Northern part of Nepal is famous for trekking and expeditions, the southern lowlands is popular for jungle safari. The lowlands of Nepal, known as Terai is rich with biodiversity. The Terai region is covered with tropical jungles with many rivers flowing from the Himalayas across the lowlands creates a favorable condition for many species of birds and animals to thrive in the wild. Most part of the region is protected by national parks, conservation areas and wildlife reserves. There are also national parks and conservation areas in the northern part of the country protecting the Himalayan wildlife. Jungle safari in Nepal is an amazing wildlife experience and a great way to spend your holidays for exploring the wildlife adventure. It gives close-up opportunities to view animals, observe their tracks, signs and sounds as well.The visitors fuse with jungle to spot extraordinary wild animals. The jungles of Nepal protects some of the endangered species on earth like the One-Horned Rhinos, Gharial Crocodiles, Asian Elephants, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Red Panda and Blue Bull. Adventures in the jungle include Elephant Riding, Nature Walking, Bird-Watching and Canoeing.