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20 Jun

“Buddhism has become a bridge to be a global citizen”

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Nepal being the birth place of Buddha, is the holy land for the Buddhist Pilgrimage around the globe. It is the origin of Buddhism.The world has become so small like a global village, every people from any corner of the world is connected within a second due to hi – tech. Lots of new things have been invented and discovered day by day. So, everyone is willing to utilize these amenities.

Although this is a great achievement of modern era (age of science and technology), there is still growing up anxiety of dissatisfactory regarding “the desire” among the people. They have their own dreams, desires and ambitions. Some people are striving to get their desires, dreams and ambitions and some people are struggling to prove themselves a super power by destroying others’ identity and dignity. So, they are inventing nuclear power and chemical weapons to prove themselves more powerful than others. That is not good and which will destroy the world within a minute. They are competing with each other to fulfill their desires, even though they are not getting it. They are suffering from desire. This desire has evolved the thought of ego, anger and revenge among the people globally.

So, eliminating these thoughts and desires, creating a peaceful and stable society, evolving a human compassion, Buddha’s teaching has played a vital role to be global citizen not a single ethnic nationality.

Buddhism is a tradition that focuses on personal spiritual development. It teaches respect for nature, cleanliness, love for simple things, and good manners. Everyone must realize the truth for him or herself, not to kill or harm any living being, not to steal, not to lie, to abstain from sexual misconduct, and to avoid.

It makes free one’s mind from suffering and gives a deep insight into the true nature of life. Buddha represents awakened one. He was the founder of Buddhist religion. At the time of his awakening, he realized complete insight into the cause of suffering and the steps necessary to eliminate it, resulted as his discovery. These discoveries became known as Four Noble Truths which are as follows.

  1. Life is suffering.
  2. The cause of suffering is desire.
  3. The cure for suffering is to remove desire.
  4. 4. To remove desire follows the eightfold path,

Are right view, right intentions, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right concentration and right mindfulness are at the heart of Buddhist teachings. The fundamental concept is that desire causes suffering and therefore should be removed. Either a person is Buddhist or not, Buddhist teachings are being followed worldwide. Now a days, his teachings are becoming more popular and valuable among others. So, his teachings inspire everyone to be a global citizen not belonging to any particular nationality, religion and races. His teachings evolve the human sentiment globally not confined within a certain boundary.

Although we all people from different nationalities, languages, races and complexions having own glorious history, culture and language, we all have the same red color blood and human sentiment. So, be calm, do love and respect everyone’s identity and dignity. “Be a global citizen and think globally”.

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