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History of Nepal

Nepal is a small country unified by the great king of Shah Dynasty, Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1768 A.D. Before the unification the now Kathmandu valley was a single kingdom ruled by Kirants, Lichhavis, Thakuris and Malla. The Shah King of Gorkha invaded the valley in the reign of Malla and made it the capital of Nepal.

Later the Rana ruled the country with the Shahs in the background. Though many development works took place during the Rana reign the autocratic rule failed and in1950 King TribhuwanBirBikram Shah overthew the Ranas, establishing the Shah rule again and restoring democracy.

Several generations later in the time of the beloved King Birendra, there occurred the Royal Palace massacre in the year 2001 in which his whole family including the crown prince died. Then the late king’s brother, Gyanendra was crowned the king of Nepal. The decade long People’s Revolution by Maoists (communist party of Nepal) and many week long mass protests by the government parties and people revolted against the direct royal rule and signed a peace agreement in 2006, then dethroned the king and also establishing the present day Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.