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Nepal Trekking is one of the best adventurous trekking destinations in the world. It is the best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural riches. Nepal is a home to the eight highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. The mountainous country, Nepal, a favourable place for an adventurous holidays is the first choice for adventure seeking travelers. It takes you through the breathtaking pristine himalyas landscapes and rough terrained mountains, the green and lush rhododendron forests, small mountain villages, beautiful and artistic temples and monasteries, several glaciers, thundering rivers, beautiful water springs and amazing gorges that originate from the high Himalayan snow and lakes. The high mountains offer an explicit panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks and lush and vibrant forests that rejuvenates the trekkers.

It provides splendid views of the breathtaking himalayan landscapes, amazing mountain terrains, rich bio-diversity and unique ethnic communities and villages along with trekking experiences. Most of the trekking areas are protected zones and national parks or conservation areas, so there is a great range of both animals and birds species found in the these areas of Nepal. It also provides an opportunity to explore the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the local people in the remote villages of the Himalayas. These villages are very attractive with traditional houses, Buddhist monasteries and colorful prayer flags.

There are different types of trekking packages provided to trekkers in Nepal that range from short treks to long treks, and easy treks to strenuous treks. It is recommended to the trekkers, choose the appropriate trekking packages according to their budget, health, fitness, interest and time as well. It is possible in any season of the year depending upon your trekking places however the popular seasons are spring and autumn.