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Pilgrimage Tour

pilgrimage tour

Nepal is one of the best destinations for Pilgrimage Tour. Pilgrimage Tour is the best tour package for spiritual persons to explore the spiritual charms of pilgrimage sites to get ultimate salvation. Nepal is a multi cultural and multi religious Himalayan Kingdom. As it is rich and beautiful naturally, also rich and important religiously. About 30 million people of different races and ethnic groups living in different regions with diverse religions. Their culture, tradition, and rituals are different from each other but they have good harmony. About 80% of population practice Hinduism, about 11% practice Buddhism, about 3.2% practice Islam and 3.6% of the population follows the indigenous Kirant religion and Christianity is practiced officially by less than 0.5%.

Hindu and Buddhist traditions in Nepal go back more than two millennia. Nepal has several Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries which are world famous and listed in UNESCO world cultural heritage sites as well as places of worship for religious groups. Especially Kathmandu valley holds important religious sites which includes Pashupatinath temple (an old and famous Shiva temple), Bouddhanath stupa (the largest Buddhist shrine in the world), Swoyambhunath stupa (oldest Buddhist temple), and Changunarayan temple (Hindu temple). Lumbini, another religious site which is situated in one of the historical cities of Nepal, Lumbini and famous for Buddhist pilgrimage. It is a sacred place, where Lord Buddha was born. He is a founder of Buddhism. Last but not the least, Muktinath, one of the sacred pilgimage sites for both Hindus and Buddhist, which is located at an altitude of 3,710 meters in Himalayas, Nepal. It is famous for the ancient Hindu temple; Muktinath Temple, in the Himalaya kingdom of Nepal which is dedicated to the lord Vishnu (preserver of god).

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