Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal is available in both man-made and natural environment. Man-made rock climbing formations provide pre-climbing experience to later climb the real rock and ice peaks. Rock climbing is a challenging activity that demands total physical and mental well-being. The climb tests the climbers strength, balance and control over the body and mind.

Why Rock Climbing in Nepal?

Rock Climbing is Nepal is a favorite activity for both the visitors as well as the locals due to its availability near the Kathmandu valley, and also due to the majestic natural rocks in the climbing sites. Lessons and proper guides are provided to the climbers wanting to overcome any difficult mountain or rock mass during their trekking journey in Nepal or simply to put their strength to test. Rock climbing sites in Nepal range from easy for novice climbers and difficult for experienced ones.

Rock Climbing in Nepal Itinerary

Rock Climbing in Nepal

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