9th December, 2022

Complete Guide For Everest Base Camp Trek.

Complete Guide For Everest Base Camp Trek.

Complete Guide For Everest Base Camp Trek.

Best Time to go

Weather in Everest Region

While trekking in Everest region of Nepal the temperature climate and best season to trek  is ultimate guide to help your everest base camp journey. When your journey ascends up from kathmandu (1345 meter from sea level) as the height and temprature is also increasing finally which leads to the height of 5550 meter at kala Patthar. So variation in temperature and climate in everest region is normal which normally affects best trakking season to everest base camp trek.

Everest Base Camp Weather 

Knowing about Everest base camp  weather is precious for every trekker who recorded in this everest region.dream to view Everest mountain clearly is possible only in autumn and spring  season . Finding the best suitable temperature before going to mountain range makes you enable to catch the clarity of mountain views and makes the mountain journey more blissfull . 

Best Season for Trekking in Everest Region

⦁    1. Spring (march, april, may)
⦁    2. Autumn (september,october, November)
 The average temperature falling in everest region usually lies in the range of (10°c - 17°c)

Everest Base Camp Trek in Spring( march, april and may)
Everest base camp trek is very calm and  best trekking season among the entire year . beautiful chanting of buddist relegious song along with sundown by himalaya range makes this season trek best among others.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn(september,october,November)
sepetember to november is best season to trek in Nepal. the main attraction of everest base camp trek in autumn is clarity of weather which is  absolutely fine as well as crystal clear weather makes you  to catch the enjoying nature of splendid view of mountain.

Everest Base Camp at Summer 
In summer season everest base camp trek trails is going to be muddy and wet so it is considered as less faveroable time to trek the mount everest base camp . Unpredictable cloudy weather and frequent downpower makes trekking trail wet and not favourable .