24th November, 2022

Everest Base Camp trek tips

Everest Base Camp trek tips

Everest base camp trek is more exploring by nature, breathtaking and adventure by the Himalayas, fantastic by green dense forest, lifetime experience by the cultural and ethnic diversity of local sherpa people of the Himalayas region.

Why do people have such a strong desire to travel, trekking is the only activity that allows them to immerse themselves in new cultures, new people, new geography and landscape, new traditions, and new behaviors.  Trekking in the mountain and hilly region may become more adventurous if you find yourself climbing up breathtaking and jaw-dropping mountain peaks after very steep trek trails. The Nepal mountain region is comprised of an arbitrary number of high-peak Himalayas such as Mount Everest, Annapurna, Gaurishankar, Manaslu, Ganesh, Kanchanjanga, Lotshe, and Nupshe. Everyone's dream in life is to reach the base camp of the world's tallest mountain or to climb up the upstairs of Everest Mountain and make history as an Everest summiteer.

Everest base camp trek is more exploring by nature, breathtaking and adventure by the Himalayas, fantastic by green dense forest, lifetime experience by the cultural and ethnic diversity of local sherpa people of the Himalayas region. Namche Bazar is a densely populated area with a market, a shopping mall, a grocery store, a small hotel, a pub, and a tea house. Among the many tourists, Namche Bazar is also known as Namche. This mountain city's local attractions include yak, sherpa women dressed in traditional attire, local food, tongbaaa, local raki, sherpa guides, green dense forest, and Lukla airport. When you walk to the mountainside in the early morning, you always feel as if you are in heaven, especially in Namche because of its walking side.

When you take upward from Namche Bazar, you will arrive at the Everest View Hotel, from which you will have a panoramic view of Mount Everest. Standing in the courtyard of the Everest View Hotel and experiencing the best feelings inside the mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Many visitors and trekkers come to trek Everest base camp before flying to Luka. They prepare for the trek trails, discuss difficulties, obstacles, and hindrances, and choose the option for comfort and ease.

The best preparation technique for the Everest Base Camp trek is planning and preparing about the per day budget investment, folk people's behavior and attitude adoptability concern, trekking equipment and its proper management difficulty, random climate change of Himalaya region, sudden rise and fall of temperature and humidity and our preparation of its alternatives. Surviving in a cold mountain region where you may have to stay in a tea house at times and even in a high elevation where you may have to live in a tent with a campfire. All of the tea houses on this trekking route were fully booked during the peak trekking season, so separate rooms with clean washrooms are hard to come by.

Attractions of the Everest Base Camp Trek

As we all know, the most difficult trek where people want to experience new things and feel new realities of different human life and culture is only the Everest base camp trek, which has a lot of attractions mixed in with its trek difficulty. We all know that the local native name for Mount Everest is Sagarmatha, which was coined by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenjin Norge Sherpa, the first conquerors of the mountain. Tenjin and Hillary are no longer with us, but their eternal identity lives on in the established structure of the conserved cultural heritage Sagarmatha national park. Every component and every residing structure in this park was designed with the ancient sherpa in mind. Elements of the Everest trekking gear used by mountain legends Edmund and Tenzing, old Sherpa foods, old inns, and settlements are reflected, as well as tools and implements used by the Sherpas for local farming.  On the same hand, during this trek, or even momentarily at a local teahouse, Gumba (Sherpa temple) priest  Lama walks around with his mane dangling in his hand and wishing his ritual slogans (mantras). You may come across.

Beginner's Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking is a completely new experience for those who want to trek for the first time or who have no previous trekking experience. The highest point of Mount Everest and its base camp is located in a very rocky mountainous region of Nepal. Canyons of various depths sloping into the stunning Himalayas and long, straight waterfalls, flat snow trails with high rocks convenient for beginners to traverse are not a difficult task and require a bit of mountain skill. work. Many tourists love the country's adventurous nature, which allows them to explore the Himalayan region with amazing action.