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Dolpo Region

Dolpo Region is one of the remote, secluded and adventurous trekking regions in Nepal. It is the best trekking region for wilderness, camping and seclusion seeking trekkers. It is the biggest area occupying district of Nepal. Lying in the mid-western part of Nepal, between the Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri Himalayan range, it is the Shangri-La of dream. The region is very much secluded due to lack of road access until now. That’s is why, Dolpo region is unhurt by the tribulations of the modern world. This region was restricted to trekkers until 1989. Its beauty and exotic culture is very much intact. Nepal’s first English subtitled movie on Dolpo “The Caravan” was also a huge success and was also nominated for the Oscar award in the best foreign language film category. This region has been exceptionally blessed by the nature. “The Shey Phoksundo National Park” is the largest and the only trans-Himalayan national park in Nepal. It is one of the major National Parks of Nepal and major attractions of the Dolpo Region. The name is derived from the 12th century Shey Monastery and the deepest lake in Nepal, the Phoksundo Lake, both of these lie in the same district. The park protects endangered animals like the snow leopard, musk deer and the Tibetan wolf.
Shey Phoksundo Lake, one of the high altitude lakes, is another famous feature of this Dolpo region. The lake is totally free of aquatic life, which the crystal waters clearly demonstrate. Surrounded by rocks, forests, and snow-capped peaks, the area has been described as one of the world’s “Natural Hidden Wonders”. Shey Gompa, anthropologically and religiously very important monastery of the region, Kanjirowa Himalayan range, isolated village of Ringmo, monasteries, stupas and gompas in this region hold great importance in promoting local as well as global tourism.
The clustered settlement of the Dolpo region makes its people some of the “world’s highest dwellers” The ancient villages in this region are at an altitude of 4,300 meters and above. People here practice pre Buddhist religion, the Bon Po. Even after extensive spreading of Buddhism in 9th century Tibet, this region has preserved its very ancient religion. The people of this area are simple and warm-hearted with an enthralling culture and traditions. The cultural traditions of this area are basically linked with the Tibetan culture.
Thus, notable features found here are regal mounts, ancient and remote villages, warm hearted people and their culture, rich wildlife, lovely Buddhist monasteries and wonderful lake make the journey lifetime experience.
The Dolpo region is divided into two trekking regions according to their trekking duration and destination.
1. Upper dolpo region.
2. Lower dolpo region.
Upper dolpo region is almost 3 weeks trekking duration and takes the visit to Shey phoksundo lake, Shey gompa and high passes whilst Lower dolpo region is almost 2 weeks trekking duration and takes the visit to Shey phoksundo lake and Dho tarap village.

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