23rd November, 2022

Tourist places near Kathmandu airport

Tourist places near Kathmandu airport

Kathmandu Airport serves as the point of arrival for each cherished traveler who aspires to visit this lovely, peaceful heaven from anywhere in the world. Following that, beautiful Kathmandu city will extend a warm welcome to you. At the Kathmandu airport, there are many little transit options that, once boarded, will take you to Thamel, a tourist area that is both breathtakingly gorgeous and wonderfully illuminated. Thamel is 5.4 kilometers from Kathmandu International Airport, and driving there generally takes 15 to 20 minutes when there are no traffic delays. However, if a high-ranking government figure is in town, it could take up to 30 to 40 minutes. After a brief delay, you finally make it to the Thamel hotel you had reserved online. 

As soon as you arrive in Thamel, you spend your time bathing, getting ready, changing clothing, eating, and acting appropriately before your thoughts turn to learn more about Kathmandu and life. You must instead attempt to visit Kathmandu and its cultural tour as you can't possibly explore it all in one go.

If you want to visit this tiny tourist destination called Thamel, you must proceed all the way through. So, Thamel, what points of interest, characteristics, and things to do will be discussed? This demands far more exploration than most tourists want because it's so absurdly fascinating. First of all, everyone should be informed that there are four major bulky places from which you may move around every street corner and hallway where you can purchase certain local products.

Here you can find specialized apparel like pashmina shawls, airtight and watertight jackets for the Himalayas, religious attire for Buddhism and Hinduism, regional cuisine, and local crafts. Even though Nepali daal bhaat is available for a fair price, the flavor and service are poor. This lively street is home to a wide range of stores and sellers offering their regional handicrafts; they also promote a unique and local identity as well as a wide range of goods.